Let's get lost in the woods for a moment, climb a rock or just wander around coffee shops and cozy streets. Whether we'll be hiking mountains or capturing the coziness of your home, we want you to feel real, to be you. Let's have fun during the shoot and remember why we are doing this - so you'll have a memory of one of the important stages of your lives. We won't be posing you all the time, let's focus on all these little moments that have a meaning to you, to us.

We'll get to know each other a little bit before the shoot. We'll share our creative process and you can tell us your ideas as well if you want. You don't have to be intimidated by the sound of a camera, we are humans too. <3

Locations and time

Take us to your favourite place or we can recommend locations as well if you need help. We love nature and wide landscapes but we are also happy in a coffee shop or just in your home. We love to shoot in the late afternoon when the light gets warm and soft, but mornings are fine too.

What to wear

Just be comfortable. You don't have to dress up for the shoot, you can wear your favourite outfits. Just couple of tips though - natural colors and layers work the best. Accessories like hats and bags too. Just avoid logos and crazy colors. Email us if you need help with this. <3

how we shoot

Don't get intimidated by the sound of our cameras. We want to connect with you as humans. Our shoots are usually super laid back, we'll walk a little, laugh, dream, tell stories. We're not really into posing too much, but we give some tips in case it fits the situation and place.

Classic SESSION - 6800 KČ / 250 EUR

Basic photoshoot in Prague. Includes:

  • at least 1 hours of shooting time

  • both of us (Lukas & Eliska)

  • more locations, some walking, time flexibility

  • online gallery

  • at least 40 fully edited photos in high res

Mini session - 4000 Kč / 150 EUR

Quick photoshoot in Prague. Includes:

  • up to one hour shoot on one location

  • one of us (either Lukas or Eliska)

  • online gallery

  • at least 20 fully edited photos in high res

adventure - 9500 Kč / 350 EUR

Let's head out of town! We can drive to nature, hike, have a picnic, watch the sunset. We won't be watching time and it'll be super laid back. Includes:

  • time does not exist

  • driving to a location, gas

  • both of us (Lukas & Eliska)

  • laid back atmosphere, beautiful landscapes and lot of fun

  • online gallery

  • at least 70 fully edited photos in high res